Monday, February 16, 2009

New Blog ...

Well, whats the need for a new Blog, when I already have one ?!

As the regular followers of LIFE must have observed, I usually post poems, songs etc; but it has also featured my first short story and a few articles. Few days back one of my friends asked me why don't I post stuff which are more "bloggish"; on that vein of thought I decided to open a new Blog. As it name suggests, I hope to make it limitless and post every thing and any thing except Poems and Songs; which will remain the sole feature of LIFE from now on. For the First Post here is a piece of my mind:

The Sunset, the evening, the distant sound of a temple bell ….. The butterfly, the colours, the soft breeze … the soothing silence …. Everything I see, everything I know is useless without something …. The ability to feel … that’s my ambition, my desire... that’s me!