Thursday, May 21, 2009

This is Fun .. or is it ?!!

Hey Folks ... I had kind of taken a sabbatical from my Blogs and so much happened in between that I don't know what not to write about. I had a great reunion with my friends from college and we did every thing from white water rafting (Alas the camera fell in the Ganges with me; but that story later ...) to trekking and all. If thats not all, I tried my hand in roller skates ( I will curse you if you ask how it went !!) , fell in love with the hills and the girls in the hills and a monkey even tried to attack me. Back to the planes the heat almost vaporized me, I dropped my mobile phone in the Taxi (I have lost quite a few things but it was my first mobile phone !!) and to top it all somebody pinched the motherboard from my CPU (my PC's CPU .. not mine !!) etc etc. I am going berserk and I don't want to overload you all with too much data in a short span of time in these times of recession !! So let me get back to the Article ...

I have grown up (I think so !! and please don't think about any thing else, I am talking about growing in totality not some specific part of me !!) but whenever I see a Trampoline the monkey inside me starts to jump. Well I guess I am getting ahead of myself, I with a group of friends went to Dhanoulti. It is beautiful place 25 km from Mussoorie. We were whiling away and enjoying the sights (yeah you guessed it right :P) and (making) sounds. Suddenly we find this thing, this wonderful thing that is trampoline. But I am still sulking that it should have been bigger. The adventurous few amongst our friends decided to have a somersault tourney and meek decided to make a video. The results would be obvious from the videos but I want to ask you all something, is it a wrong way for adults to behave ?!! My friend's GF said so and I asked him to dump her because If feel she is too old for him !!!

Any how my performance is documented in the first video .... I am the guy in the Black T shirt (this info is for those who are not so great in recognizing faces, me included I couldn't recognize myself !!)

Please don't think that I am handicapped or athletically challenged, it is just that The trampoline was too small :( and I had 5 plates of MoMos for break fast that too on the top of a revolving restaurant (Hotel Howard) !! So I hope my down to earth (too fast) performance be excused. But the winner was my Friend Anupam ....

p.s: I am sorry again for taking so long to post and I promise to keep posting regularly now. (As if it matters to people !!). By the way, for the people who love to be bored by armature poetry, you can visit my other blog ... LIFE ...


  1. First of all, your existence and posts matter a lot in blogosphere :)

    Secondly, I am glad that you had an amazing time with your friends. Good that you have grown up. Dair nahi hogai thori? :P

    Videos are SO fun watching! Hope to read more from you :D

  2. hey good to see you back.and looks like you had a gala time with your friends...and the first video was fun...thank god!that u dint hurt yourself.

  3. Seems you had a blast... Waiting to read about yr other fun experiences.. :)

    And a grownup is just a child with layers on. ;)

  4. And he's back..oye yaad hain?? done exploring the world and taking in the "sights"?....

    Welcome back bro...:)

  5. @Komal: Thanks for saying that !! well agar der ho bhi gayi to kya hua ?!! :)

    I hope I don't disappoint in the future

  6. @Aishu: hehe .. yeah a great time it was ... I am glad myself that I didn't break my neck ... the trampoline was too small ... :(

  7. @Tia: So does the grown up ever shed these layers or it is impossible for them ... ?!!

  8. @Amit: He he .. yeah back and hope I stay ... Yeah surely took in the sights ... but it also gave me a heartache ... :(

  9. great adventures ha??i feel jealous watching the video..and yeah tamprolin is big enough :P..could have been a lil smaller..
    and what were the 'sights'??i'm still not grown up you see.. :D.. i've heard girls around mussourie are beautiful..?? ;)

  10. @Gayathri: Yeah the Adventures of Som ... :)

    why do you feel jealous ?!! you should also go for hols with friends and have a kick ass time ..

    The sights were ... beautiful mountains and deep valleys !!! :O ;)

    Well why girls around mussoorie ... girls all over India are beautiful ... but the thing is the rarefied air and great weather up in the hills makes things more romantic .. sigh :(

  11. wow..nice to hear that girls all over the country are beautiful :D..
    and romance is in the heart,not in the rarefied air in the chemi lab.. :P

  12. @gayathri: It is sad that you didn't know that girls all over the country are pretty ... :D .. but then why should you be concerned about girls ... :)

    but at least if the weather is great and mind stress free, romance becomes easier ... !! isn't it ?

  13. @Tia: and then what ... what is the outcome ?! Why PEEL them off .. why not Shed them ??

  14. good to see ya back yaar, so you had fun umm, revolving hotel, nice but don't you go away for long,

    take care and keep writing........

  15. @Thousif: Well it is good to know that people care about the blog, but me the rouge. I will be back with a vengeance, not now ... but I will