Wednesday, March 11, 2009

25 Random Things About me ..

Thanks to Dream'r (Amit) that he tagged me and I could put forward some facts about me. Hope It is entertaining.

1)Once my Head of the Department asked me what you want to do in life; I said I want to be a Rock Star; one should have seen the look on his face. :P

2)Talking about being a Rock Star, I dig music; any thing from Beethoven to Beatles. I wanted and still want to have a band but in college performed solo due to ego clashes.

3)Performing on stage gives me a high like nothing else. Talking about getting high, I am also high on Football, reading and off course talking to girls (best if they are complex, pretty and smart).

4)The final statement in 3 may sound rash and politically incorrect but it’s a fact. Girls/Women are an inspiration for me, for the artist inside me. Inspiration for my writing, poetry, paintings and songs and seriously it is like Oxygen to me.

5)People say I talk really well and they are comfortable talking to me. It ends up me being a shrink and a sink of secrets to my friends; I guess I should have been Psychologist.

6)Talking about Psychology, I plan to read Sigmund Freud’s ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’. I want it because I tend to dream too much. One recurring dream from my childhood was running around without my pants: P. Unfortunately I saw it again a few months ago.
7)Currently my favourite brand of jeans is Levis. Levis 501® just fits great and I can go all day in a pair of those.

8)I tend to keep my room (clothes and stuff)in a bit of a mess as I feel things should be always at a grabbing proximity. This quality of mine tends to piss my mom off.
9)I have very liberal parents. My Mom once advised me against marrying saying that ‘if you want all the things in a marriage you can live in’. :-o

10)I had my first crush in standard 3 and wrote my first love letter too. :P You see I like to start early.
11) There are times when I cry but mostly alone. I feel crying is a very natural thing as eating, sleeping, breathing and having sex. (Please don’t have any wrong notions!!)

12)I love to eat; people say it’s a pleasure feeding me. I love all kinds of cusines, Bengali, Indian, Italian, Chinese, and Lebanese etc. Oh!! I have a sweet tooth too, Gajar ka halwa, gulab jamun, Chocolates … mmm … People say only one thing competes with great food … :P

13)You may think I must be obese but fortunately I am not. As I have always been into sports; played football in my college (Right/Left Back and Right out) and now I jog 3 to 4 kms daily.

14)I want to learn to swim as I think it’s the best form of exercise. By the way one damn astrologer once said I should keep away from water. I think these punks should keep their opinions to themselves.

15)I hate people who are presumptuous and give unsolicited advice. I also hate hypocrites but strangely one my closest buddy is a self proclaimed hypocrite.

16)I am choosy about my friends. I have lot of acquaintances but there are very few whom I consider as a friend.

17)I know so many people or rather so many people know me that I have a difficult time remembering their names and it is very embarrassing when they remember my name ( Obviously it is short and easy to remember !!) and I am rendered speechless.

18)Talking about embarrassments, once I was on stage and started a song off scale; good that I recovered (with the help from the guitarist) and completed the song with a blast.

19)I feel last 18 thoughts have been too serious like my life (At times I feel like asking myself ‘Why So Serious?!’). So now some really of the hook. I own an ipod classic and will buy an iphone 3G as soon as I reach the US of A.

20)I am a sucker for beautiful and expressive eyes, I love to get lost in them.

21)I was a philatelist (stamp collector) to the core; I even pinched some stamps from my friend’s collection. I feel the test of a true collector is if he can stoop down to the most immoral deeds to augment his collection; similar to the test of a true politician. By the way isn't a politician too a collector rather hoarder ? :P

22)I believe ‘revenge is a dish best served cold’; for example today people “Egged” me to play Holi but I had my revenge too. I pinched a few eggs from their own arsenal and attacked them after they had their bath. :P

23)There is a saying ‘Once bitten twice shy’ but I don’t believe in it at least in the matter of heart; other wise I wouldn’t be listening to Ghulam Ali, Jagjit Sing, Md Rafi etc so often. :P

24)I think our life should be a work of fiction so I keep on trying to forge it in that way. More I want it to be a Romantic Comedy, more it becomes a surreal tragedy.

25)By the way I can’t lie keeping a volt face but obviously I can in my writing. I love to mislead people. ;-)

This is the End Beautiful Friend, this is the end my only friend the end.

I tag Sophie, Komal and Pink Orchid. Any one else can also pick up the tag.


  1. That gave an interesting read.

    I liked #16, #22, AND #25 the most.

    I guess there would be lot more too. I would like to read more of you.

    Take Care !

  2. Thanks R.K, I would have tagged you but saw that you were already tagged ..:)

    25 has to be interesting .. it totally changes the perception about a person.. :)

  3. It also helped me, to know , and to grow !

  4. You do sound like a complete rockstar dude! :D

    6. I don't think you get interpretations of those dreams in it... :P Btw I have a soft copy of the book if you want one, though I haven't read it myself...

    Nice write... now I know 25 more things about you :)

  5. your post labels never cease to amaze me.. It was amazing a part of the world that inspires you - woman! :)

    Thank you so much for tagging me.. :)
    I took it up some time back. Here is the link (

  6. @R.K: How did it help you to Grow ?

  7. @Akansha: Thank you for saying that :D

    even I have the soft copy but unfortunately I am not getting any time to read it.


  8. @Pink Orchid: Now which of the labels have amazed you :O .. I tried to be as uncontroversial as possible :P

    There are few other things too that inspire me .. Nature is one of them .. :)

  9. it amazed me how you have put all the possible vital words that came in the post.
    labelling is an art , i need to learn from you..:D

  10. I was talking about the Tag. I think it helps one to grow when he writes somethings about himself. We become clear of what we have, we can think what else we need !

  11. point no: 6 "One recurring dream from my childhood was running around without my pants: P. Unfortunately I saw it again a few months ago. "

    well and the transition was with ur growth or the same as ur childhood? :P

    11) "There are times when I cry but mostly alone. I feel crying is a very natural thing as eating, sleeping, breathing having sex."
    (Please don’t have any wrong notions!!)

    no wrong notions ... all right ones :P

  12. @pink: haha and is it so .. thanks, by the way I should learn from you how you continue to have churn out post after post and have such a followers base ... :)

  13. @R.K: Oh .. good for you then .. I think I was always clear about myself I have already thought about life (too much I should say):P

  14. i dont know if i am of the stature that I could give you a tip.. but still I'd say do a lot of blogreading, some of the passionate bloggers do like to go read the blog of their new readers and if they like the place they stay.. :)
    i' wrote something in this regard, read it sometime.. here is the link - -

    P.S. I am no blogging guru.. lol but i love giving unwanted gyaan... dont hate me for this, alright? :P

  15. @Paromita: well may be you are right about 6 but maybe its because I was more insecure then and now I am self assured .. better let me read Freud ...


  16. @Pink: Pink Orchid .. from now on I will refer to you as Pink .. ala Pink Floyd's The Wall .. hope you don' mind.

    I don't know about your stature but you have the highest number of contributions in writer's lounge, it says all .. but I have a complain about the lounge .. too many posts are posted, so one doesn't get time to read the new posts .. I feel the number of posting should be reduced.

    I want to join the lounge too but I don't know I have that amount of time or not ... well yes I tend to read a lot of blogs but then again it requires lot of time.. it doesn't help if one has to do research .. :P

    lets see, I may have to sacrifice something ..

  17. hmmm u did it too :)
    ..a hi5 on the music part ..when i was on the stage i cudn't hear the karaoke but managed to be with the beats ...or at least i am under the impression that i did me a 2nd prize twice :D

    and US of A is nice way of writing it :D

  18. hey som :),
    Pink! :) you can call me that. its great to know that you would want to join the lounge :) you can leave your email id in the shoutbox at the lounge and you'd be invited. I am one of the admins there :)

    and coming to your complain about the number of posts, earlier it was way too much than it is happening now. As authors used to post old posts from their own blogs which is not allowed now. Reposting can happen only on weekends but in the weekdays writers write exclusively for the lounge which they can post to their blogs later on :)
    You can read what you like there, if reading everything is eating too much on your time :) and yeah, we'd try to limit the blogposts if it goes beyond a certain level, as of now, the members of the lounge are having awesome fun showcasing their creativity and getting read by each other and other readers. :)

    WL has 92 members currently, so how do you limit them from posting their writes. Only few members are active these days, imagine if all 92 feel get active :P

    phew! that's too long a comment :)

  19. and hey about my maximum number of posts, lol i don't know what to say to that.. :) probably one of the highs of my itch to write.. i might suffer from the lows of it anytime soon :)

    you inspire me to talk so much :D

  20. @peter: Yeah had to do it .. was tagged .. :P

    Yeah .. music is life rather life is music ...

    cool yaar, then you ought to be a good singer, by the way I have never performed over the karaoke ..

    thanks for the praise .. keep visiting

  21. Football, girls, food, music...brooooooooooooo....we can actually get along..hehe ..though the fact that u dont like manutd is not our binding factor. Anyways i loved ur 25 points but ur 3rd std ka love letter made me an admirer ..hehe



  22. It's so awesome! You are like..."A typical guy" :D

    The first part of #3 is ditto same and #20 too! Thanks a lot for the tag. I will do it :-)

  23. @Pink: It wasn't too long a comment. I will join the Lounge after I get my life in order that is when I have a bit of time.

    What I feel is the administrators can edit or have a quality check over the posts.

    Do I really inspire you to talk ?! That is a nice thing to say :) ...

  24. @Amit/Dream'r: Thanks yaar for blog rolling me, I had already book marked you long back.. :)

    I don't like ManU but I respect their growth as a team .. :)

    3rd std love letter :P .. well, there are lot more stories in this box ..

  25. @Komal: "Typical Guy" ... what is a typical guy ?!

    Nice to know that you love performing on stage and eyes .. :)

  26. rockstar :O :O
    and girls are ur inspiration \:D/ wow and its great that u admitted it, coz i know many people who would hate admitting such a thing...

    liked 22 :D ur mean :D :D hehe :D
    i'v done this tag already \:D/ so wont steal it :D

    and read freud's book. i loved it. i wanted to buy it. i used to be hell lot into psychology...even im great at all this :D hi5 che :D
    good one :D got to know loads about u...

  27. @Mads: Well I am not among those people who hate admitting something that is true .. and why should I not admit it .. I am certainly not a Male Chauvinist ... :)

    Mean .. well it was fun .. :P

    You have read Freud .. then interpret my dream ... :P

    Thanks for coming .. keep visiting ..

  28. Hello Som, you sure one very interesting your dream of wanting to be a 'rock star', ha ha. I bet the teacher sure looked at you twice, ha ha.

    This I think more during when Elvis and Beatles swinging their ways into our young lives.

    Me? I wanted to be a bike and car racing driver, but my mom would stress I am her only son, ha ha.
    Then wanted to be a doctor, but came to disecting kataks and worms at science class, I surrendered, geli and afraid of blood.
    In the end, ended up as a business man, ha ha.

    You have fun and best regards Som, keep wel, Lee.

  29. Hi Som, Loved the post esp for the points 3,4 & 20! #20 sounds so romantic!! N #22 makes me scared! :P All this applicable if it doesnt fall under #25!! But, have to admit, #25 was the best!!

    Have added you in my list.. Keep blogging!

  30. @Uncle Lee: Yeah the professor was scandalized !! :P

    Its sad ... Race car driver to Doctor to a business man ... I just hope you are not carrying your recklessness of a racer to the markets. :D

    Why don't you pick up the tag ?!

    Thank you for going through the post and commenting. Keep visiting ..

  31. @Ranjitha: :) thank you .. yes an artist has to be romantic ...

    I usually forgive people and don't take revenge .. but I don't forget !!

    You are the first one to point out about 25 :P

    I put 25 in the end purposefully .. :P

  32. 16 Me too

    i phone? its old now, go for something new..

    22 Totally

    25 Its fun. One of the most misleading representational techniques in our language is the use of the word 'I.'

    Would like to hear you singing someday..!!

    It was nice to know about you..!!:)

    Thanx for tagging me buddy, but I was recently tagged..! :)

  33. @sophie: arey yaar !! I really have a short term memory .. even I myself commented on your 25 random things ... :P

    #16) :)

    I phone is a classic stuff, recently Black Berry launched it's touch .. still its not good enough ... any suggestions ?!

    Yeah .. true, using I changes the whole complexion ...

    Like to hear me sing .. :) thanks for saying that ...

  34. Hey, No need to say thanx...!!

    Samsung OMNIA, LG Cookie, Sony Ericsson X1 (I Just love it) , HTC Magic, HTC Dream, HTC Touch HD

    Personally I don't like Nokia but n810 n96 are good!

  35. Samsung, LG are not in league with apple, an apple is an apple. Sony Ericssson X1 is really good but I don't know about it's internet connectivity. I am no fan of HTC. Nokia doesn't have the touch tech ...

    Iphone maybe older but all the above products were launched after it and they are still playing catchup. And the best thing about Iphone is the software support you get. One doesn't have to depend on a third party vendor. And last but not the least ... its only 199 $ :P

  36. I am just a someone passing by.
    But felt like saying something abt
    #9.. >> I have very liberal parents. My Mom once advised me against marrying saying that ‘if you want all the things in a marriage you can live in’. :-o

    Wonder if she would have taken the same stand if she had a girl child? Hope my passing doubt didnt bother you. But I would be happy if it bothered you anyways. :)

    - Durga

  37. @Durga: Fortunately she has a Girl Child too :) .. my dear little apple pie of a sister ...

    I personally feel that if a couple don't have a problem living in, nobody else should have.

    And the important fact to consider is the 25th point in the post:"I can’t lie keeping a volt face but obviously I can in my writing. I love to mislead people" ...

    cheers ..


  39. I agree with what you said Som. But I was particular about a mother's reaction. :)
    I personally would not favor my child to live in.
    Anyway, Cheerz dude! :)


  40. @Sophie: Hey thanks for the link ... you are really a friend .. !!

  41. @Durga: Well yeah every body has their own opinion. :)

    But as you have come .. do follow my other stuff too .. keep visiting and thanks for your comments ...

  42. abey really stange..
    why you mislead people??

  43. @Joie: My I mislead people ... I didn't say I do .. I try to .. its unto them if they are misled ... And then whats so strange ... I can obvslly create an imaginary world for my readers ... :)

  44. "25)By the way I can’t lie keeping a volt face but obviously I can in my writing. I love to mislead people. ;-) "

    is this a characteristic statement of urs??i read the same in ur Interview too..;)(although read in a reversed order!)

    presentation is very good.. but mysteriously presented 'self'..

  45. @Gayatri: Its not exactly a trade mark .. and yes you read it in reverse order, so this was the first time I made the statement :)

    Thats the point .. an aura of mystery should always shroud the author .. But honestly everything written above is true ... :)

  46. @I never said u were deceptive in presenting yourself..your statements might be true,but as you said,there's an aura of mystery shrouding the blogger..these stuffs are not the ones that define,but ornate you..

  47. @Gayathri : What a line ... "these stuffs are not the ones that define,but ornate you.." ..

    thank you .. :)

  48. wow now that is what i call honesty ;)

  49. my veri word was no-nando :)

  50. @Seher: Haha .. yeah honesty is the best policy as they say ... :)