Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My First Interview ... I am a celebrity ?!!

Hello folks, my first interview has come out in the 'Pakistani Spectator'(link at the bottom). I don't know how they figured that I am an important blogger but I was glad to share space with Chriz, Pink and others; the high fliers of the blogging community. Nevertheless the candid interview has come out. Here I am reproducing few excerpts from it, for the rest follow the link.

I am Som Dutta, at present doing some obscure research at one of India’s premiere engineering institute. I am passionate about music, football, food, arts and of course girls. Blogging is my latest hobby in the never ending list of hobbies. At times I feel my life itself is a hobby.

Q: Would you please tell us something about you and your site?

I maintain two blogs, LIFE and Limit is Limitless. The blogs are the windows to express myself to the world. First blog LIFE is the older of the two and presently deals only with poetry. As a youngster LIFE was very jovial but with age LIFE grew more serious so I needed a new child thus Limit is Limitless was conceived. I want my second off spring to be funny (unlike my LIFE!!) and make me proud, but who knows he may also end up disappointing me as I have done my parents. My parents wanted me to be funny, outlandishly liberal and peaceful but somehow I have turned out to be a fundamentalist whose only goal is to see people stoned. :P:)

Q: Do you feel that you continue to grow in your writing the longer you write? Why is that important to you?

Lot of things stop growing after an age and something never grows longer how much you exercise; So, Yes at least I will love to keep growing as a writer. To grow you just not need to write more but read more too; it helps in getting new ideas (read plagiarizing!!). It is important for me to write because I love to mislead people but unfortunately I can’t lie keeping a volt face. So, I try to do it through my writing. ;):P

Q: What do you do in order to keep up your communication with other bloggers?

I regularly spend time reading other blogs and commenting; and not just commenting but commenting in a positive way even if the post doesn’t deserve it. You see, one has to follow the golden adage ‘live and let live’ in order to grow. :P

Q: What do you think is the most exciting or most innovative use of technology in politics right now?

I don’t follow politics much so from whatever I have over heard; Obama did a great job and India’s L.K. Advani is also following suit. But the most innovative has to be the sting operations; they are truly tech savvy and covert like operations carried out by ISI. :O

Q: If you could choose one characteristic you have that brought you success in life, what would it be?

My public relations, it was so bad that I was left with no friends in college. So had time to figure out what I wanted in life. :)

Q: What was the happiest and gloomiest moment of your life?

Happiest was when I had dinner with the Governor in honor of representing my state in a geeky mathematics competition; my photograph sitting next to him also came out in the newspaper next day. :) Gloomiest was when I found that none of the girls of my class were impressed by that. :(

Q: If you could pick a travel destination, anywhere in the world, with no worries about how it’s paid for - what would your top 3 choices be?

1) SWAT valley Pakistan (only if I am assured that I won’t be kidnapped!!) – I always fancied the Wild Wild West but Alas!! It doesn’t exist anymore. So the nearest thing to it is SWAT. :p
2)Paris – The artist inside me is incomplete without a visit to Paris.
3)Antarctica – I want to be the first blogger to go to Antarctica. ;)

Q: What is your favorite book and why?

The book I enjoyed the most was Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. I loved the book just not because it is fast paced and is based on Roberts’ adventures and misadventures in India but also due its subtle take on the philosophy behind love and relationships. Another of my firm favorite is P.G.Wodehouse, I love the character of Bingo Little in his works as I can totally relate to him. :P:)

Q: Is there anyone from your past that once told you, you couldn't write?

In standard 4th I wrote a very elaborate answer for a question given to me for a Hindi language test. As I recall, I tried to be as creative as possible but somehow the teacher didn’t like it. She felt so offended by the answer that my Mother was summoned to the school. What went in the meeting I don’t know but after that even my ultra tolerant mom became a fascist!! So I can say my first attempt at creative writing was nipped at the bud. :O :P

Q: Any Message you want to give to the readers ?

Believe in a Politician but never believe in a blogger. :P I hope you enjoyed the interview and keep following my blogs; LIFE and Limit is Limitless.

P.S: The link to rest the interview:

Also check my other blog LIFE, for a dose of amateurish poetry


  1. sommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....finally i get to be the first to comment!! so ma buddy is a big time blogger now eh!!...wow..the company i keep is indeed royalty..:-)..
    Loved ur answers yaar...u r indeed quite witty..loved the one on the PR skills..loved the ones of the offspring blogs and how u related it to life..l oved the one on..oh well..u get the picture...loved em all..(live and let live!!)..hehe not quite yaar..i really liked it a lot.. and btw..u r a math wiz is it>??..now tats news to me...

    i ll check out the whole interview now and drop lines later..wanted to be the first to comment..hehe

    cheers bro

  2. Thanks Amit ... for striving to be the first one to comment. God knows what made them think I am worth the salt :P

    Yeah won a few maths competition but as I wrote it didn't help much .. :P

  3. wah urs is the second ..one i am reading :D
    great replies :D

  4. cool yaar.. hope the SWAT valley answer did not tick off the reporter :P

  5. @Peter: thanks yaar :D , I just wanted my replies to be interesting .. not the same old raving and ranting ...

  6. @Paromita: My purpose would be served if they are ticked off .. :)

  7. @Sophie: Interesting ... which one of them or the whole thing ... ?!!

    A one line comment doesn't really do justice to you ... :)

  8. m not at all goin to believe it.

  9. @Joie: Haha ..... you are not going to believe what ?!!

    By the way, welcome and keep visiting and commenting ... :)

  10. "...and not just commenting but commenting in a positive way even if the post doesn’t deserve it.."
    ;) Honesty will always be rewarded!!

    "SWAT valley Pakistan (only if I am assured that I won’t be kidnapped!!).."
    SWAT???? very nicee but for i doubt if the interesting stuffs exist anymore.. :D

    "In standard 4th I wrote a very elaborate answer for a question given to me for a Hindi language test. As I recall, I tried to be as creative as possible but somehow the teacher didn’t like it..."
    lool..you wanna be a balamurali in infancy itself????

    the post was good.. would check the original stuff later..

  11. @Gayathri: lolz .. honesty will be rewarded but sometimes the other option is a bigger reward !! :P

    SWAT: the place where taliban and and the Guns rule (like the wild west) ... :P

    I tried .. :(

    Thanks for commenting .. and keep visiting :)

  12. @som,the bigger reward is temporary,while honest comments will always be cherished for it's purity..

    you are always welcome..and hopefully,i'll keep visiting..

  13. hehe ur damn witty :D i liked the one where u said abt the 4th standard incident :( great it didnt let u down :P
    and u want to be the 1st to go to Antartica was super cool :D
    and the happiest n gloomiest moment =)) lol
    believe in a politician but never believe in a blogger :D :D i likes i likes \:D/

  14. @Gayathri: Haha .. yeah obvslly .. but we shouldn't hurt somebody too .. or should we ?!!


  15. @Mads: :D Thanks for saying that .. for a change I am trying to be not Grumpy .. lets see how long it lasts .. :P

    My fav ans was the Happiest and the Gloomiest moment .. :P, great that you liked it .. :D

  16. Overall.

    All of our unhappiness comes from our inability to be alone.

  17. @Sophie: :) ... Our inability to be alone .. I don't know if all but yes some definitely

  18. yayyyy congrats :D

  19. buddy..gimme one good reason y ur blog aint updated yet??!!..go on..i dare u!!

  20. so now the celeb is paying himself all celeb stuff :P

  21. you asked me to be regular in blogging and it's been a month since u posted something..how come?? ;)

  22. @amit: the ne# post should give you some idea about the reason ... !!